About Dr. Lex McKenna

Santa Barbara Vet Dr Lex McKenna

Dr. Lex McKenna was born and raised in Santa Barbara in a house with many pets including various exotic parrots, cockatoos and several dogs. She attended undergraduate school at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo before her sense of adventure took her to veterinary school in Edinburgh, Scotland. After completing her degree in veterinary medicine in 2001, Lex returned home, where she’s been practicing in Santa Barbara County for the past 14+ years. Dr. Lex is also a certified veterinary acupuncturist and has studied both traditional Chinese veterinary medicine as well as Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians. Her interest in biomechanics took her to Florida for the Animal Rehab Institute course on equine rehab. She is always interested in learning new skills to help her patients. She and her husband share their home with three dogs: 2 English bull terriers and a Queensland heeler. Dr. Lex’s spare time is also spent with her horse and the challenging sport of Dressage.


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